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Subjecthelp in gameboy emu Reply to this message
Posted bytessaiga
Posted on10/26/03 12:21 PM


i had been trying out gameboy_emu programming and i'm stuck in figuring the sound portion. can any experts help me out?

1. what does the wave pattern describe? does it describe the wave of each cycle? if i were to output sound in 22050hz, 1 byte to represent hi/lo then i would somehow need to put 22050 bytes into sound driver for each sec right?
if the reg_freq in gb were to specify lets say 2000, then 22050/2000 will be the length of each cycle right? each cycle will stretch to 22050/2000 length?
btw, as you can see i'm VERY confused. either i'm totally wrong, or there's a simple way to doing things. i had look thorugh visualboyadv src many times but sadly, fail to come out with a reasoning heh heh....hahaha...hehehe..i'm sick, i'm going crazy.. :|

2. how can i do the clock timing in win32? QueryPerformanceCounter & QueryPerformanceFrequency functions? but they seems to slow things down alot.

thanks in advance.