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SubjectRe: Playstation Emu Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on12/17/03 05:05 AM

> > Is emulating a MIPS 3000A in interpreted mode as simple as this source seems
> to
> > suggest?
> Yes, it is. Why do you think there are that many r3k recompilers and not so
> many for other processors? :-)
> OG.

Actually I think I did miss the dynarec in FPSE when I looked (I *think* it has a dynarec).

Not having flags sounds great! It sounds like the perfect cpu to attempt your first dynarec for, since you'd only have to do dead register analysis rather than anaylsis on each flag.
Plus the end result would be loads of fun (getting PSX games to run faster). It's just a shame that ISOs are so big and tricky to fit on Pocket PCs and stuff. I have a load of old PSX CDs somewhere, I'll have to try and dig them out to make MiniPSX rips to play around with.
Remember the D1 Demo disk with Wipeout, Destruction Derby, and the Dinosaur/Manta ray demos? Great days!

You learn something old everyday...

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