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SubjectRe: Good open source emus Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on04/26/04 10:29 AM

> Hello!
> I recently got a new treo handspring 600 phone (palm os 5, 144mhz ARM
> processor). My thoughts obviously move to what emulators I could get on it :)
> I'm quite tempted to try to convert some existing ones. I have some emu
> experience (well... I've done pacman hardware...). I was hoping that someone
> might be able to save me a lot of time by suggesting what might be a good
> open-source emu or two to try to convert across and get decent speed. So any
> advice from anyone who has experience with some clean open source emus?
> I'm assuming something like:
> From a C program I'll probably be able to get nes or master system working at
> reasonable speed with no sound in a quite short period of time
> Perhaps Dave's new ARM-core might let me get genesis. in 100Mhz.. will that
> happen do you think?

Yes!! Cyclone runs great on the GP32 (132Mhz)

smf is right about the sound, there is no public Z80 core I know of, but at least you'll be off to a start

Please try porting PicoDrive, it designed to be as portable as possible and that would great to see how it runs on Palm.

You can get the latest source on my website: www.finalburn.com/cyclone/

It should port straight over if you are using GCC, just get Cyclone.o, compile the Pico\ directory, and then make an interface for it (e.g. TreoDrive).

In your interface you call PicoInit(), PicoCartInsert() with the rom image, and then setup PicoScan (a function which is called with the pixels for each scanline). Then repeatedly called PicoFrame and PicoScan gets called 224 times a frame with your pixels.

Voila! Plus if you can manage to do a Zodiac one at the same time Prophet will love you forever...

> I'm assuming without a core SNES is way out.
Probably... plus I think I'll scream if someone does another port of PocketSNES running at 15fps and then declares their SNES emulator 'done' :P

> GBA might be possible by some
> clever mapping of code, but that's way out of my league..
> and of course, there is the classic arcade emus. I'm thinking MAME might be
> overkill.. any suggestions on some smaller open-source arcade emu (just an
> earlier version of mame? ^_^ )
> Sorry for the long rambling post, and I'd be really happy to hear any or all
> comments to help me get started!

You learn something old everyday...

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