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SubjectRe: Pointer Fun With Binky Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on05/20/04 06:24 PM

> http://cslibrary.stanford.edu/104/

Something I just noticed from this page - Java DOES have pointers, cunningly concealed under the euphemism of references (which they aren't, because references in C have to be constant and Java references are reassigned)!

But the fact that I never noticed shows the power of Sun marketing. I always thought they brianwashed the idea: C/C are SHIT, why, because they have pointers and pointers crash programs. Java doesn't have pointers!

And of course Java crashes all the time with a null pointer exceptions!

I know what they mean of course... it's not NULL pointers which crash programs, it's invalid pointers which crash programs, which Java doesn't have. But there's nothing like a bit of marketting swizzling to enhance it ;)

You can't just write a decent tool, program or file format these days... you've got to market the thing. Would the GYM file format have done as well if it hadn't been bundled with Genecyst? :)

By the way, have a look at this, it's not going to win a web-site design award, but it's some pictures I just snapped - it's Cyclone 68000 inside PicoDrive S60 running on a Nokia 6600... I'm very exciting about all this :))


It's a bit annoying having to build a webpage for the images in a directory... on ZTnet can you tell it to list the files of a directory, FTP style, like some web servers do?

You learn something old everyday...

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