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SubjectRe: tried Galaga Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on07/12/04 04:52 AM

> Maybe.
> My experience is that nowadays the Sun JVM is almost always faster than the MSVM
> (especially the server VM), but I've come around a few cases in which the Sun
> JVM can perform really, really slow where the MSVM performs a lot faster in
> comparison. In those cases I tried to do some optimizations that are just *not
> done* in java, like (manually) inlining code or other micro optimizations I
> would do in C. The Sun JVM doesn't like that and can end up interpreting all
> code that should be jitted. You just have to depend that the Sun VM will do all
> those optimizations for you, and probably (hopefully) better than you could do
> yourself. If you write clean, well encapsulated code, the Sun JVM should perform
> very well in almost all cases, up to speeds comparable to C++. Which is kinda
> nice :-).
> But of course there are still other cases the Sun VM is not very good at (like
> fast trigonometry for example).

The Microsoft JVM is buggy, out of the official specs, deprecated, unsupported. I don't know if it's really faster for some stuff, but people should just forget it and move along, it's like the NeoRAGEx of JVMs . I hear IBM made a fast and sound JVM some time ago, dunno if things are still like that.

> In this case however, I doubt it. It's all just simple stuff going on and that
> should work reasonably well, even on old CPU's. I still think that it might be
> an openGL issue. Maybe for some reason it selects a software openGL mode for
> example.

I suppose it is an OpenGL issue as well, I've found that my TNT performs weirdly under XP. If I don't install any driver and let the ones coming along with XP take care of everything, I have decently fast support for Direct3D and overlays, but uncertain OpenGL support (some apps work, some don't). If I install some less than ancient detonator I get blazing fast Direct3D (well, for a TNT) and no OpenGL at all, plus a very sssssslllllllooooowwww support for overlays that kills every app making use of it (I suspect overlay is emulated via standard GDI calls, which is bad).

The only good thing would be to find some VERY old detonator for XP that makes my card work like it did back when I used Win98, but I really don't know where to look.

So in the end it's probably not your emu's fault at all, since even Space Invaders does not perform at 60FPS on that machine.

> I've seen CottAGE (which is still the core of this emu) perform pretty
> well on a K6-III.

And you have to see it running on this AthlonXP 1800+, GeForce 4 MX440, Sun JVM 1.4.2_04 that I'm running now: everything is as smooth as silk, and the games are beautifully rendered fullscreen with that lite interpolation that I love. You are blitting frames as a texture to an OpenGL rectangle the size of the screen, mh? Is that in any way better than blitting 2D?

Some games just lack sound, I guess there is no sound core for them, but the others sound pretty accurate, what sound library did you use?


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