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SubjectRe: Some 68k questions Reply to this message
Posted byBart T.
Posted on08/03/04 02:23 PM

> Yes, you can avoid dealing esoteric details like the way multiple memory spaces
> are supported without any adverse consequences for arcade emulation (or 99.99%
> of any emulation). You can also neglect the prefetch on the 68K (though you'll
> need it for e.g. Amiga or Atari ST emulation). You can avoid other (fairly)
> esoteric stuff like trace mode or alignment exceptions as well.

And to add to that: Emulate instructions and features as you encounter them. Run your emulator until you hit an unimplemented opcode, add it in, rinse, lather, repeat.

> > * What is a good arcade game to start with, so a simple to emulate yet fun
> > machine? So that I won't have to torture myself trying to get Galaxy Force to
> > show anything, you know... :-)
> I wouldn't know a good example, though there definately are some. Maybe
> Biomechanical Toy?

One word: Food Fight.

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