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Subjectflip8 (continued from gen em) Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on01/28/05 00:12 AM

Switching over to a more appropriate forum... :-)

I don't have a lot of time right now (reorganizing the house) but I still managed to type a quick BCD function. It seems to work to some extent, but my right-most digits are not displaying. My debug traces, however, reveal that I am storing the right values, so it's more of a memory read thing... will post back later when I have time to debug it properly.

And thanks for sharing the idea of the 1-bit pixels. It actually made me realize that I could, in theory, implement it in Flash for speed. See, Flash uses some kind of sprite called "Movieclips" (MC) for everything. Right now, I'm using 1 MC per pixel, but with your method, I could use 1/8 of the total MCs if I can come up with one MC that has 256 frames in it, with all the possible combinations. This could make schip8 emulation possible!

Now I just need a way to generate this MC (no way I'm drawing it by hand, and runtime drawing [as a precalc] would probably be too taxing).

Other than that, just a minor thing - I'm avoiding nested for() loops in Flash because there's a huge performance hit. In C you probably don't need to worry about it, however here's how I wrote my loop for Schip8 scrolling:

(pseudocode from memory, not the actual thing)
for(offset=0; offset (smaller than) 128x64; offset++) {
if(x>64) { x=0; y++; }
//process (x,y)

Believe it or not this runs SO much faster than:
for(y=0;y (smaller than) 32;y++) {
for(x=0;x (smaller than) 64; x++) {
//process (x,y)

It may be a Flash-specific glitch though.

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