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SubjectEmulator timing Reply to this message
Posted byGeSUB
Posted on02/01/05 09:26 AM

I'm trying to work out the timing for displaying the graphics each scan line on a C64 emulator I'm working on. Based on other commodore 64 emulators I've looked at, the width is usually 384 pixels (divisible by 8) and the height varies from emulator to emulator. Based on this article http://www.minet.uni-jena.de/~andreasg/c64/vic_artikel/vic_article_3.4.htm I understand how the cycles per raster line are calculated but I'm not sure when to draw the pixels to my back buffer with the proper timing that's needed. From what I understand the graphic chip is running 8 times as fast as the cpu and therefore draws 8 pixels each clock cycle of the cpu. But that doesn't figure right when I calculate the cpu cycles per scan line. I Just know I need to draw 8 pixels on the screen each time I update my backbuffer but I'm not sure when that is in cpu cycle time.

From what I understand from the article the cycles per scan line are calculated for PAL as follows: cpu speed of 985,000 hertz / 50 fps / 312 scan lines = 63 cycles per scan line. Which is the same as taking 985,000 hertz / 25 fps / 625 scan lines of an actual PAL screen. But from there I'm lost. Can anyone add any insight as to when I update my draw function for each scan line? I'm looking to draw the scan line section by section (8 pixels at a time) then flag a HBlank interrupt when the scan line has been drawn.

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