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SubjectRe: Genesis, NeoGeo, CPS1/2 Z80 Reply to this message
Posted bysmf
Posted on04/27/05 03:09 AM

> Just the answer I expect from bloody MAME nazis.

Starting with an insult is never a good way to win an argument.

> Code never replaces documentation.

Yes it does, for the simple fact that documentation is normally wrong. You can't argue with the code, it does what it says it does. You can run the game on the code, you can't run it on a word document. If the code is wrong then the game doesn't run. If the document is wrong then it wastes the time of the people reading it. Alot of the system is made up of parts that are documented, you should be able to get hold of that information yourself. Having your own boards can help if you want to start again from scratch.

> The absolute lack of documentation in the MAME project is one of
> the main points that make the whole project almost worthless from a programmer
> point of view.

A programmer should be able to cope, it's not our job to educate you. If you don't get it then you probably won't get it no matter how big a word document we write. Emulation is hard enough, without being slagged off for not documenting things well enough for the newbies.


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