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SubjectRe: Genesis, NeoGeo, CPS1/2 Z80 Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on06/04/05 09:34 PM

> > > So how exactly does one get the info on CPS1/CPS2 hardware?
> > >
> > > (Please don't say MAME)
> >
> > If you aren't a good enough C/C++ jock to trivially understand MAME you
> probably
> > shouldn't be trying to write an emulator. It's harsh, but it's the truth.
> >
> Just the answer I expect from bloody MAME nazis. Code never replaces
> documentation. The absolute lack of documentation in the MAME project is one of
> the main points that make the whole project almost worthless from a programmer
> point of view.


Okay, I have to stop you riiight there:
1) "Bloody MAME Nazis"? WTF?

2) "Code never replaced documentation"? WTF?

Okay, let try this out.
Let's say I want to know about CPS1. It's taken me about a minute to download the MAME source code.

I shall now open up cps1.c
SHOCK HORROR - there's a comment at the top which says
"68000 for game, Z80, YM-2151 and OKIM6295 for sound."
Could this be *GASP* the documentation you said did not exist?

How about a memory map?:
AM_RANGE(0x000000, 0x1fffff) AM_READ(MRA16_ROM) /* 68000 ROM */
AM_RANGE(0x800000, 0x800001) AM_READ(input_port_4_word_r) /* Player input ports */
So let me see... could possibly 000000-1fffff be the ROM? MY GOD!

How much of a fucking idiot would you have to be not to understand that!

3) "MAME is absolutely worthless from a programmer point of view".... are you on Crack?

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