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SubjectRe: Emulator Writing Reply to this message
Posted bycaseh
Posted on10/14/05 07:37 PM

> > > I'd recommend using C or C++ (if you really must) and trying something easy
> > > first like the Sega Master System, NES...
> >
> > NES emulation is easy? Sure, it's easy to come up with something as inaccurate
> > as Nesticle; if that's what you are aiming for, then hey.
> Writing An NES emulator from scratch that runs a few games will be much easier
> than a Genesis emulator for a college project. Starting with the Genesis is a
> bit much.

Thank for all the feedback guys, I have decided on writing a NES emu as a result, but my lecturer says I should not start it from scratch as my project contains a detailed report of 20,000 words and focusing on the coding will impact on my write up of the project.

So the next thing I'm asking is what should I focus on. At the moment Im thinking there is no point in emulating the 6502 core,i'll be re-inventing the wheel right? :) So I will be using Marat Fayzullin's M6502 CPU core which is written in C which for me is a bonus. What I really need to know is what else is required from this point to construct a fairly basic nes emu and what sort of work load it involves. Please try and understand that my programming skills are not that advanced (furthest I've gone with C is writing a command line text editor) but I learn pretty quickly as long as its not overly complex.


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