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Posted byBart T.
Posted on01/01/06 07:38 PM

Hi all,

I've re-done my web site. It's still at but I'm now with a new host.

The DNS may not have propagated yet so some people might still be getting the old page for the next day or so. You'll know if you've hit the new one if you see a news item from today (Jan. 1, '06.)

Not much is new emulation-wise but I am trying to polish up a homebrew video game system I designed and built using a Z80 circuit and an FPGA (for the VGA output.) It's pretty neat but there's some sort of annoying bug that I haven't had any luck fixing. If I can't figure it out by the time winter break is over for me, I'll probably just release it as-is (schematics, VHDL code, source code, memory map overview, etc.)

I'm not very good with CSS and I definitely abused tables in my site design so if you see any odd gaps or misaligned tables and images, let me know. It should work under Firefox and IE.