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SubjectLooking for experienced emulator authors Reply to this message
Posted bycodingsama
Posted on05/22/06 07:02 PM

Hey, I've started (and been accepted for) a project on SourceForge named OpenEm.

The first step in OpenEm is to create an LGPL'd library of PORTABLE, OPEN-SOURCE, FREE, CONSISTENT, WELL-DOCUMENTED processor emulators for anyone to use.

The second step is more ambitious. The general idea is to create PORTABLE DYNARECS. This would be done by writing dynarecs to recompile to a carefully designed intermediate code. You write a x86 target once, and have a PowerPC, m65c02, etc. working on it fine dynarec with almost no modification.

The speed goal is only around 20%, which is modest for a dynarec.

The third step, would be transparent binary compatability - but that is a rather lofty goal and one that might be grounds for a seperate project built off this one.

Project status is pre-alpha. M65c02 core is almost complete, x86 realmode is being worked on. I'm looking to recruit a team of dedicated emulator authors who are interested in possibly ending the age of platform dependance. Imagine one day running Windows programs on your Alpha linux box, or having dynarecs on portable devices for fast emulation.

Oh, by the way, project language is C++.

Email me at ironhelix001 at yahoo .com if you're interested.