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SubjectRe: Advice Reply to this message
Posted byBart T.
Posted on09/09/07 09:00 PM

It depends on how much time you have to devote during these coming months. It's certainly _possible_ but it depends mostly on how quickly you can grasp assembly language and other such low level details.

You'd better be comfortable with doing graphics and bit-twiddling in Java because understanding the NES hardware will be your biggest challenge. It would be easier if you had more experience with assembly language. At its core, an emulator is actually pretty simple.

You might want to start off using someone else's CPU core (this will save you huge amounts of trouble) and then replace it with your own later on (cross-verifying the results against a core you know works.) That way, you can code up a simple debugger and see things start to happen. Once you've got something on the screen, you can go back and replace the parts of the emulator you didn't write yourself because I'm assuming 100% of the code will have to be your own in the end.

> Hi.
> In about three weeks, I need to start my third year dissertation at Uni, and was
> considering writing a NES emulator.
> I use Java for all programming and have little experience in any other language.
> I know about hardware in a high level way (i.e. processors, RAM, Virtual Memory,
> page files) and have done a little assembly programming using the MIPS 2000
> architecture.
> I know very little about how the hardware works on a low level and think this
> may be a problem.
> What I was wondering is whether it seems like a viable option for me to attempt
> this?
> I would have until late April 2008 to complete the report and hand it in.
> Thanks for any insights you can give me.

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