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SubjectRe: Yeah, finding this out as I go Reply to this message
Posted byDracula-X
Posted on12/01/07 04:43 PM

> I actually picked that up the other day. Thanks for your help regardless (I can
> use it all!). The ps2dev forum has a wealth of information. I've been skimming
> it the last few nights but unfortunately I haven't been able to dedicate too
> much time due to work (crunch time at the office). If you do know any good
> development tools for the PSP I'd be eternally grateful. I haven't had a chance
> to look yet.

I wish I could be more helpful, but I think with the ps2dev forums, you'll find everything you need. As far as IDEs go, it doesn't matter at all, as long as you're comfortable with it. Some people use Eclipse, some use Programmer's Notepad, etc. Depends on your environment. I'm under windows/cygwin, I use a basic editor with syntax highlighting, and I keep a few shells open, one for compiling, two for debugging with PSPLink (it's invaluable).
Aside from the psp sdk, I doubt you'll need anything more than that with respect to emulator development. GDB is available for better debugging, but I haven't had need of it. When your program crashes or throws an exception under PSPlink, it's fairly easy to investigate with the register dump it provides (when you compile with debugging symbols on, you can get the line and function the offending crash happens at). It's a little more hands-on than say, a Visual Studio setup, but it works.

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