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SubjectRe: this should answer some of your questions... Reply to this message
Posted byElectric Brain
Posted on09/15/01 03:36 PM

If i remeber the Atari should come up with ATART COMPUTER MEMO PAD with no basic /asm or game cart inserted into the machine.

> http://www.myoldcomputers.com/museum/comp/atari800.htm Click on the Main pic for
> a close up of the keyboard. If you get interested in this comp, DEFINITELY look
> around for a 130XE (I had 2 130XE's, and 800XL, and a customized 800XL). The
> 130XE is the "best" atari 8bit computer released (it came with a whole 128k of
> ram ;). I'm pretty sure the regular 800 didn't have any OS installed, but from
> the 600XL/800XL and beyond they all had an OS. Keep an eye out for Kaboom too,
> its a damn fun game and has sweet music (1812 overture ;)
> > I just bought this computer today and I want to test it to see if it works.
> Only
> > problem is that I don't have any software for it to test it out with. I also
> > don't have a power supply for it.
> >
> > I have an Atari 5200 power supply. Can I use this with the 800?
> >
> > If I turn the unit on without a cart or peripheral plugged into it, what would
> /
> > should happen? Is there any built it OS that it should by default load up?
> >
> > Also I'm missing some keys, there wouldn't be a place where I can buy
> > replacement keys, is there?
> >
> > I also need a picture (closeup) of the keyboard so I can tell where each key
> > does where. I sort of dropped the computer and a lot of the keys fell out.
> >
> _ _ - - = = Pr3tty F1y = = - - _ _

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