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SubjectLessons in Stupidity.... Reply to this message
Posted byspazzman90
Posted on02/17/02 06:34 AM

Back when I first started collecting (around 1994), every junk store always had SOMETHING in regards to vintage gameing. And it was always priced cheap. There was one Goodwill store that always had a videogame or 2 or even a pin in stock. They were always priced at $50. Well, there was a catch. You couldn't plug them in and it was as-is. Back then I thought $50 was way too much for something I didn't know worked or not. I let some good games slip through my fingers. Most notably were a Ms. Pacman, Crystal Castles cocktail, Defender cocktail, Tron, Gauntlet, Track and Field, and many more. I finally decided to take the plunge when a Frogger cocktail showed up. I finally figured out that even if it wasn't working, maybe I could get it working again. Too bad it was at the tail end of the cheap games. It turns out the Frogger worked flawlessly, as did the original Mario Bros, and Super Mario Bros. I got from there. They are all in decent cosmetic shape. I really wish I would have picked up more. These games have always made great conversation pieces and are still fun to play. Garage sale season is coming up, and I encourage all game collectors to get at least one good classic game for the family room.


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