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SubjectRe: Lessons in Stupidity.... Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on02/19/02 06:43 PM

While I was stationed in Japan, there was a little bookstore (called Bookworm) down the street from the base that also sold used videogames. Every week or two I'd walk on in and scan the selection but never really buying much.. examples of stuff I totally missed out on because I figured I could get it later:

Neo Geo cart system for $50
Neo Geo CD system for $50
TurboDuo R system for $25 (I did pick up a Duo RX system, but donated it to someone that had a greater need for it than me)

A little further down the street was a great place called "Future Bee" that mainly sold videogames, but also sold collectable card games.. they always had a full stock of used hardware and games just kicking around, always in excellent shape. One day I walked in and they had a PC-FX with 4 games up for grabs for ~ 16,800yen . It seemed a little high, so i passed on it.. the next week it was gone... I never thought I'd see it again. A few months later, however, I saw a PC-FX for sale at Brute (again, right down the street just a bit further) for _3,800 yen_, again, with the same 4 games. Why I didn't buy it is beyond me.. probably for the same reason I didn't buy the Saturn Virtual On sticks.. for the same reason i didn't buy the Saturn controller adaptor for the PC (add on card..can't remember if it was ISA or PCI..had ports for 2 saturn controllers)..hell, the same reason why I didn't pick up more hentai saturn software for $500yen when Future Boy was unloading their Saturn software...

I was just too damn stupid.


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