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SubjectRe: That reminds me of something... Reply to this message
Posted bypostamessage
Posted on01/11/01 10:30 AM

Yes I remember this, it's Funny Girl which is on the site. Check out the game section. I actually have it on disk somewhere. My c64 doesn't work anymore and I lost some of my software. I would have to look for it.

> I saw this (game? demo? ??) for C64 years and years back. Basically, it was a
> full screen shot of a nude woman, of course fairly crudely drawn (but not bad
> compared to *some* of the nudie games back then :). If I remember correctly,
> all you did was jiggle the joystick back and forth really fast (aaaaa, good old
> Wico's, they lasted thru ANYTHING) which would make the woman's picture change
> by one frame, then back to the original (2 frame animation, guess the memory was
> limited or something :). The funniest part was that as you did this, you could
> hear a synthesized woman's groan (pretty good for the time, and if anyone
> remembers SAM you know what I mean).
> Now, I was all of 10 years old when I saw this, so I may have some of the
> details mixed up (was she getting laid? masturbating? watching Dateline?). But,
> I'd love to know what this was, and get a copy for an emulator. This ring any
> bells with anyone?
> <-- If it was dead, it would be Necroflippia (oh, notice the toplessness :)

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