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SubjectAtari 2600 and NES Reply to this message
Posted byFreeweed
Posted on01/15/01 09:23 AM

> Has anyone had any luck finding any of this stuff in these countries? I know
> that piracy is big in most countries except for the United States.

I've managed to find quite a lot of pirated carts for the 2600 and NES here in Canada, perhaps the most infamous being the 'Zellers' 2600 carts. For those who don't know, Zellers is a HUGE Canadian retail chain (or at least were back in the heyday of Atari) - think Walmart huge. They released about a dozen pirated 2600 carts before being shut down by Atari. Most of them are identical rom copies, with poorly done labels. However, there is at least one game (can't remember the official name) that was a PAL release (ie: no US release) that Canada did get in stores (albeit illegally). I don't know much more about this, anyone care to fill in? While not an everyday find, there are a surprising number of these carts floating around.

Also, I don't know how big these got in the US (I'm assuming pretty common), but one thing Canada had an abundance of was the '7-in-1', '50-in-1', '150-in-1' multicarts for NES. Of course, with a lot of these the bulk of the games were half-finished japanese crap, and a lot of the games were barely better than the 2600 (Nintendo didn't release many of the early Famicom games over here), but who cared? Paying $80 for 150 games was a much better deal than $40 for only one game, no matter how bad they might be :) These things turn up every once in a while at places like garage sales (a lot of people bought them back in the day). Some even come with their own fancy plastic cases!

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