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Subjectmulticarts=cool *nt* Reply to this message
Posted byLuisv
Posted on01/15/01 01:45 PM

Even though most multicarts have older, smaller games, they're still cool! Same with pirate originals, like Street Fighter 2 on Famicom. Wait, didn't I say NT? Oops...
> > Has anyone had any luck finding any of this stuff in these countries? I know
> > that piracy is big in most countries except for the United States.
> I've managed to find quite a lot of pirated carts for the 2600 and NES here in
> Canada, perhaps the most infamous being the 'Zellers' 2600 carts. For those who
> don't know, Zellers is a HUGE Canadian retail chain (or at least were back in
> the heyday of Atari) - think Walmart huge. They released about a dozen pirated
> 2600 carts before being shut down by Atari. Most of them are identical rom
> copies, with poorly done labels. However, there is at least one game (can't
> remember the official name) that was a PAL release (ie: no US release) that
> Canada did get in stores (albeit illegally). I don't know much more about this,
> anyone care to fill in? While not an everyday find, there are a surprising
> number of these carts floating around.
> Also, I don't know how big these got in the US (I'm assuming pretty common), but
> one thing Canada had an abundance of was the '7-in-1', '50-in-1', '150-in-1'
> multicarts for NES. Of course, with a lot of these the bulk of the games were
> half-finished japanese crap, and a lot of the games were barely better than the
> 2600 (Nintendo didn't release many of the early Famicom games over here), but
> who cared? Paying $80 for 150 games was a much better deal than $40 for only
> one game, no matter how bad they might be :) These things turn up every once in
> a while at places like garage sales (a lot of people bought them back in the
> day). Some even come with their own fancy plastic cases!
> <-- If it was dead, it would be Necroflippia (oh, notice the toplessness :)

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