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SubjectI can help ya... Reply to this message
Posted byAkira[mk2]
Posted on04/10/01 11:57 PM

> Thanks for the link, but it's just the Kickstart ROM image; I already have
> plenty of those ;-) I'm looking for the little program called Kick 1.3 that
> emulates the Kickstart 1.3 ROM on an A500+, A600 and A1200. Any ideas? There may
> be other similar programs under different names so any help appreciated...

Ah, you need the soft kicker? Personally I use a couple of them. To boot my A600 with KS3.0, I use softkick, which is a bit hard to manipulate (you need specific rom images). However, for kicking it onto 1.3, I use TUDE. I used to work with ReloKick 1.4, but this program loaded a hacked ROM which didn't have most of the Amiga Intuition calls, and this was needed if your game opened a Workbench session (Marble Madness, for example). As soon as you opened a window the machine locked up.

That's when I turned onto TUDE. With TUDE I can use a complete (512kb) 1.3 ROM without problems. Keep in mind that you should have at least 2MB of RAM to make it work properly with a lot of games (even loading the hacked ROM, which is around 256KB, on my formerly one meg A600, made some games have gfx glitches. Example: Lotus Turbo Challenge).

I can hook you up with TUDE if you chuck me your mail addy. I suppose you know how to transfer files to your miggy.

> 2. Also, has anybody used Amiga Explorer at all? I'm having problems with an
> 'error writing to COM port'. Anyone else get this? I've got it connected to
> the
> Amiga properly and I've tried it on two different computers and I still get
> the
> same error... weird...

Is the buffer the same on both computers? If it is already set to the same value, then try degradng the BPS rate. I have to use that program at 19200 to make it work (with a 4096 bytes buffer). I recommend you using something else for transferring files, like the excellent TwinExpress. It is DOS based on the PC, and CLI based on teh Amiga, but you can transfer at up to 115200. Again, need it? chuck me yer addy. If everything fails I chuck you a disk thru snail mail ;)

Hope that helps...

- Akira
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