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SubjectRe: I can help ya... Reply to this message
Posted byFreylis
Posted on04/11/01 04:40 AM

Dude, you're a star... address on the way!

> > Thanks for the link, but it's just the Kickstart ROM image; I already have
> > plenty of those ;-) I'm looking for the little program called Kick 1.3 that
> > emulates the Kickstart 1.3 ROM on an A500+, A600 and A1200. Any ideas? There
> may
> > be other similar programs under different names so any help appreciated...
> Ah, you need the soft kicker? Personally I use a couple of them. To boot my A600
> with KS3.0, I use softkick, which is a bit hard to manipulate (you need specific
> rom images). However, for kicking it onto 1.3, I use TUDE. I used to work with
> ReloKick 1.4, but this program loaded a hacked ROM which didn't have most of the
> Amiga Intuition calls, and this was needed if your game opened a Workbench
> session (Marble Madness, for example). As soon as you opened a window the
> machine locked up.
> That's when I turned onto TUDE. With TUDE I can use a complete (512kb) 1.3 ROM
> without problems. Keep in mind that you should have at least 2MB of RAM to make
> it work properly with a lot of games (even loading the hacked ROM, which is
> around 256KB, on my formerly one meg A600, made some games have gfx glitches.
> Example: Lotus Turbo Challenge).
> I can hook you up with TUDE if you chuck me your mail addy. I suppose you know
> how to transfer files to your miggy.
> > 2. Also, has anybody used Amiga Explorer at all? I'm having problems with an
> > 'error writing to COM port'. Anyone else get this? I've got it connected to
> > the
> > Amiga properly and I've tried it on two different computers and I still get
> > the
> > same error... weird...
> Is the buffer the same on both computers? If it is already set to the same
> value, then try degradng the BPS rate. I have to use that program at 19200 to
> make it work (with a 4096 bytes buffer). I recommend you using something else
> for transferring files, like the excellent TwinExpress. It is DOS based on the
> PC, and CLI based on teh Amiga, but you can transfer at up to 115200. Again,
> need it? chuck me yer addy. If everything fails I chuck you a disk thru snail
> mail ;)
> Hope that helps...
> - Akira
> Shmups Mk2 - Showcasing the best 2D shoot'em ups ever!
> .:[ http://www.shmups.com ]:.


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