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SubjectRe: How to de-regionalise a NES? Reply to this message
Posted byLuisv
Posted on04/30/01 06:24 PM

The NES has the infamous lockout chip, the cause of many lawsuits back in the '80s with Nintendo vs. whoever. The Famicom doesn't have the lockout chip, which is why there's so many pirated Famicom games and almost no pirated NES games, cuz of the pesky lockout chip. The lockout chip is in the NES console, and in the game too, which is why if you open a Famicom-to-NES converter you will see a chip in there, instead of just only rewiring with no chip, the chip either fools the NES into thinking the famicom game is american or it disables it. The lockout chip also prevents European games from being played on an American NES and vice versa. And I think in Europe, theres different regional lockout chips too. Well, thats what I know.

> ok, i might be way wrong here..
> but i will base my opinion on a NES clone that i have..
> and have 2 cart slots (which cant be used at same time, 1 60 pin and another 72
> pin slot.) and he works perfectly.. with both american and japanese games..
> and also a nes that a friend of mine "did", he took his normal nes and added a
> 60 pin cart slot (no changes other than that.., 2 slots.. pretty bizarre looking
> console :), and both us and jap carts works for him.. and there are adaptor to
> us->jap, and vice-versa.. or i ask.. does the NES have smoething as a region
> switch, or something? if does, why none of the emulators i know do have an
> option to a different region ?
> just wondering..
> any trustfull info will be welcome. :)
> > Hi,
> >
> > Does anybody know how to 'chip' a NES so that it will accept carts from any
> > region? I know the carts are different shapes, but I want to get past this
> > hurdle first ;) Somebody tells me it's a very simple one-snip on the circuit
> > board operation, but doesn't know any more than that. Anyone know how it's
> > done, or of a good NES site that may have the info I need?
> >
> > Cheers,
> >
> > Jay
> >
> > [ www.mameworld.net/retroview ]
> >
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> Fly V

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