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Subjectnew GBAGI 2.0!!!! Reply to this message
Posted byjumpmanjr
Posted on10/03/04 07:16 PM


just released GBAGI version 2.0! It implements all of the features missing from 1.0, including:

- A virtual keyboard! Now all keys can be pressed, including CTRL, ALT and SHIFT combinations!
- Improved word input! Now ALL words can be entered in the input dialog by selecting the "More >>" button!
- Added a new improved game select screen
- Added diagonal movement
- Improved audio playback accuracy
- Improved the menu system
- Fixed picture rendering, so now "Space Quest 0: Replicated" is fully playable

The diagonal walking makes the gameplay much more smooth! With all of the words now accessible through the input dialog (rather than just unique ones), you'll never again need to try and figure out which synonym to use. The virtual keyboard allows you to press any key you need to, which can be used along with the "R" button, a shortcut to the last key pressed, allowing you to easily repeatedly press a key over and over. It's such an improvement, it's a must have for all Sierra adventure game fans!