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Subject**UPDATE - SNES9k, Virtual Jaguar Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on10/04/04 10:57 PM

SNES9k v0.7
[Home Page]

From the SNES9k forum:

- More games works without desynch ... All Bombermen should be playable now :)
- 5 Players works ! (was 4 before)
- new kaillera option dialog:
- load SRAM
- save SRAM on drop/exit
- enable multitap 5 (as it can cause problem with some games)

Take care with SRAM ... If .srm files are not the same on every side, game can desynch (eg: in MarioKart if player 1 won all cups, he can choose 150cc mode, if player 2 run this rom for the first time he won't have access to this mode...If players decide to play 100cc cup there won't be any problem anyway).

Virtual Jaguar v1.0.7
[Home Page]

From the Virtual Jaguar forum:

For the people who are interested. I've released a public beta of Virtual Jaguar v1.0.7 which has my new OpenGL rendering code which allows me to render 256x256, 512x256 and 512x512 sized textures in 16, 24 en 32 bpp format. At the moment, this beta uses the 512x256 @ 16bpp textures, this used to be 512x512 @ 32 bpp, which *should* resolve the time loss during the conversion from the 16 bpp SDL_Display containing the VJ buffer to an OpenGL texture and *should* be nice to people with 64MB gfx adapters

Hopefully, this version be speedier then using the more timeconsuming 16bpp -> 32 bpp conversion routines. When all goes well, this should arrive in CVS soon. Please post your findings in this thread only!