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SubjectRe: Needs to cover more aspects Reply to this message
Posted byXTale
Posted on10/05/04 04:49 PM

Good points I've to admin.
I didn't do the test, but I think its easy to write down all these aspects, but it's a pain to really test them all.
You have to find the "right" games to test compability.

This test is not _THE_ ultimate C64 emulator test, but I think its a good start for newcomers to C64 emulation.

> The comparison really didn't cover some aspects that I think are valid points of
> comparison for C64 emulation:
> - Sound: The quality and authenticity of the sound produced by the various
> emulators varies widely, with CCS64 probably reproducing the most authentic SID
> chip emulation.
> - Cartridge support: Some emulators support cartridges (CCS64, VICE/WinVICE)
> such as EPYX fastload, Super Snapshot, etc.; some do not.
> - GEOS functionality: GEOS doesn't work correctly on all the C64 emulators, and
> this would be considered a significant problem for any C64 "power user" (yes, I
> use that term with tongue planted firmly in cheek :). Likewise, the ability of
> WinVICE to provide Internet connectivity to the C64 build of the Contiki OS is a
> notable advantage as well.
> - Ethernet support: WinVICE is the only emulator I know of at this time that
> supports emulated C64 network adapter cartridges (TFE & RRNet), but this is
> something that should be looked at, even if it's only applicable (to my
> knowledge) for running the Contiki OS.
> - Speed: The article mentioned in passing that Hoxs was the slowest of the
> emulators, but a somewhat objective speed comparison would have been nice to
> include. (I recall using the old C64S emulator running at full speed on my old
> 486DX2/66 back in the day.)
> Just some points I thought were worth considering. Also, as far as
> compatibility, not all emulators are equal; several compatibility issues do
> exist, although I can't recall the specific programs or games off the top of my
> head. Here's a link, though, that contains some C64 disk images with tools that
> can be used to test various emulators' compatibility to a real C64 (search for
> "compatibility" on this page):
> http://www.censor.net/newdesign/tools/

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