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Subject3 new releases Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on10/14/04 02:18 PM


Nes emu for the n-Gage & series 60 phones, heres what you should know:
'VNes is the first FC Emulator(Nintendo) running on J2ME environment. It is fast and supports most of nintendo roms. It can run on many platforms including mobile,PDA,etc'
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Gebea Release 7

GBA emu for Windows, here's what's new:

  • CPU: Carry output from the shifter should now be latched properly for ALU operations
  • CPU: Fixed a bug in Thumb ADD/SUB Rn/#Offset3
  • CPU: Added SWP instructions
  • CPU: Fixed flag updates for MUL instructions
  • GPU: Added optional OpenGL rendering
  • MMU: Fixed reads from scrolling registers
  • GUI: Fixed a bug that would cause the entire program to freeze after a certain number of cpu cycles had been emulated
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    Snes Advance 0.1f 13th October

    Small update for this Snes emu for the GBA, heres whats new:
    -Correctly turn off backgrounds when it should
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