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Subjectnew olafnes, surreal64 & a new Genesis emu for GP32 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on10/15/04 10:56 AM

olafnes v1.0b

NES emu, heres whats new:

  • added support for mappers: 25, 26, 73, 75, 99-101, 119, 152
  • fixed some timing stuff
    Get from here

    Surreal64 v3.0 FDB

    Thrid release of this unofficial version of the N64 emu for the Xbox, heres whats new:
  • You can now change Surreal's Vertex Processing mode
  • You can now choose between 5 texture filter modes
  • Some credits :)

  • Cleaned up some code
    No dl due to XDK use but you can find plenty of info here


    Genesis emu for the GP32, heres the info you seek:
    'Its still in the very early stages of development but you can now play games on it so I thought I'd release a version so you can see how its progressing.

    I'll still haven't been able to get hold of Rob Brown so this version has not got the amazing FM sound core from Fgen. But instead just to give you an idea, I've used the sound core from Gigadrive. DrMD also has PSG support.

    You may recognise the rom menu screen, thats because I've nicked it from Gigadrive as well ( Thanks Dave, you da man ). I will hopefully rewrite the rom loader and add some menus but at the moment I concentrating on the emulators compatibilty.

    You'll find 3 versions in the zip file, they are all clocked at different speeds 133,156 and 166.

    The main addition to this genesis emulator is my Z80 core ( DrZ80 ), so you should notice more sound in games. I've noticed that the sound is quite slow in games at the moment ( sonic 2 for instance ) I think its to do with interupts, but hey its early days.'
    Get from Here

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