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SubjectRe: Anybody try Midway Arcade Treasures 2? Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on10/15/04 09:51 PM

Ok I'm going to write a bit here on the package because I'm even getting PM's over at the EmuChrist board over this package.

Basically what we have here is simple cut and dry emulation of the base code and graphics...everything that covers every last damn bit of the game except the audio. The audio calls in the code instead of pulling the samples out of the audio files in the arcade for the DCS chip (or whichever) instead it being yanked from a large file which has WAVs in it.

MK2 as Krool brought up in a message I got asked if Scorpion, Sub Zero, and Reptile had the exact same animation wobbles on the character screen, and if SZ's motion in fight worked correct. Answer is YES. Unlike the PC where it's copy paste shit to save room, it's all intact. Just again, the audio is fetched wav snipets in a master file.

All games seem to do this and perhaps is why there is such the load times from the menu into the title of the arcade game as it's buffering the audio into your systems RAM.

Furthermore, this is nothing new as this is a shortcut that Digital Eclipse has done for years from everything from the 16bit consoles, to the GBA, and other systems since. The problem then was slowness of the CPUs, but now it's a tad different.

They ported this shit to 3 systems using one commonly ported build. HAD they from the ground up coded this shit system specific at some low level for the most assininely optimized asm code (or whatever), then YES it likely would have used all the original ROMs for the audio as well. Problem is, porting shit makes it inadequate for the one system, and definitely doesn't use it's base equipment. Both the cube (version I own) and the box could have handled this game package MK's and all in full if done on a per system basis, but the PS2 is a big maybe.

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