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Subjectnew NESCafe & OlafNes Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on10/19/04 01:24 PM

NESCafe 0.55

Open source emu coded in Java, heres whats new:

  • 77 new Mappers supported (including fixes to existing Mappers)
  • Better Implementation of handling UP+DOWN or LEFT+RIGHT (SmashManiac)
  • Embedded NESCafe ROM into the main distribution
  • Game Images are stored as DDNB files, which will provide metadata for their content
  • Fix to PPU: No longer reset PPU address mode during Vertical Blank.
  • Fix to PPU: Reading from VRAM in ppuRead correctly mirrors the Palette memory.
  • Remove Processor Interface (speed up)
  • Added code to correct incorrectly dumped ROM images.
  • Added code to change clock cycles for specific games.
  • Larger screen sizes are now supported in Applet mode.
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    olafnes v1.0e

    Another day another olafnes release, see what I meant about the FinalBurn flashbacks? heres whats new:
  • added a varying amount of support for mappers: 76, 231
  • fixed an error in the rom list window, and altered the format of the generated text
  • maximization button is enabled now on all windows
  • configuring keys works when windows are "on top" now
  • added option for quadruple display size, and relabeled those menus
  • by default the frameskip is now 0, and player #2's joypad is "unplugged"
  • added in some error handling
  • removed netplay support for the time being, wasn't working correctly
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