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SubjectSSF v0.07 Prototype R11 & another olafnes Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on10/21/04 01:29 PM

SSF v0.07 Prototype R11

Saturn emu, heres whats new (after translation mangling of course):

68000 of emulator were remade. Probably, the TAS command, the CHK command, and the command of BCD-related will be satisfactory although they are not mounted. After SSF Ver0.07 prototype R11 mounts the timer of SCSP. KARUDOSEPUTO, Panzer Dragoon move by this. NAITSU has stopped conversely moving since operation of CD block is doubtful, probably it will be the cause. Next, it is whether to remake CD block.

I think whether the 64-bit version will enter completely from after that. If DSP is not corrected and before it either.

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olafnes v1.0g

Nes emu, heres whats new:

  • changing of mirroring to none is now allowed
  • sram file extensions were changed to .srm a release or two ago, and are now back to .sav
  • redefined file specifications for multiple file format roms and gave them a new extension: .sgp (split game pak)
  • added a varying amount of support for mapper 74
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