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SubjectRe: Hope you like importing stuff Reply to this message
Posted byVideoman
Posted on10/23/04 02:00 AM

> Shienryu got released as a budget title with its terribly bland sequel (which
> was originally planned to be a DC game but got cancelled). If you've ever played
> Daioh in MAME, Shienryu is basically a heavilly upgraded version of it. The
> Saturn version was arcade perfect, but the Playstation versions had assloads of
> slowdown. the PS2 version is arade perfect, but IIRC it doesn't include all of
> the extra modes from the playstation versions. Still, for 2000 yen it's a killer
> deal. Watch out for that sequel's pretty damn bad.

Interesting. I loved Diaoh in the arcade. (I could get to the last boss in a single game, bastard killed me though, had to continue once, that was the closest I got to finishing the arcade in one game.) I also picked up the PSX "Shinryu", and it was close to the same (similar levels, bosses, etc.), but for some reason.. it just didn't have the same "gusto", as the arcade one. Something just wasn't the same for me, at least. I didn't know about the Saturn one, nor the PS2 version, thanks. I'm curious about the "sequel" too - are you saying, that they also made *another* game, for PSX?

> Fantasy Zone will be coming out in the US on the Sega Ages disc along with 9
> other games, and it's going to be $20

I'm looking forward to that disc too, although I have to admit being guilty of not picking up the US Saturn SegaAges discs when I had the chance. :(

> Golden Axe is also on the disc, and it sucks new york
> hardcore. You need to play it just so that you can
> appreciate all of the good games more.

Interesting. Do you remember the re-vamped versions of Streets of Rage, and Golden Axe, that Sega did, for a collections disc for the SegaCD? They re-did some of the audio with speech samples and stuff, that used the PCM sound chip in the SegaCD unit. I'll have to check my collection, I hope I have that disc. The sound effects in GA were much-improved over the regular Genesis version, but I think that they also cut it down to one-player at the same time due to memory issues.

> Star Soldier isn't terrible, it's just seriously retro. and slow.

For what system? I have a couple of PCE/TG16 S.S. titles, along with the NES version. I rather liked those games, along with Blazing Lasers. (Beat "God of Game" mode - if you can. I did. :) )

I feel like digging out my copy of Raiden Project for PSX and playing it. Now look what you did! :P

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