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Subject**UPDATE - Steem Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on10/23/04 09:56 AM

Steem v3.2[Home Page]

From the HOME PAGE:

Steem v3.2 has finally been released. There are quite a few bug fixes plus great new features:

Emulation Bugs
  • Rewrote DMA sound again (Badger Demo and lots of other STE programs).
  • Fixed some CPU bugs (Wrath of the Demon, Zoolook).
  • Fixed read-only disk image read sector bug (thanks Jorge).
  • Fixed big frame bug (War Heli, thanks Jorge again).
  • Fixed byte palette bug (lots of mono programs).
  • Fixed current time seconds bug.
  • Fixed FDC bug (Chaos Strikes Back Replicants crack).
  • Fixed FDC IO access bug (White Spirit Demo).
  • Allowed programs to set the time/date (Sewer doc displayer).
  • Lots and lots of other stuff (cheers Jorge).

Other Bugs
  • Made Steem work again on Windows 95.
  • Fixed multiple save over last snapshot undo bug.
  • XSteem: Improved non-English keyboard mappings.

New Features
  • Pasti copy-protected disk image library support (Pasti library will be released soon).
  • Disk image database: easy detection of the contents of disk images (thanks to Keili for all his work).
  • Vastly improved VSync.
  • Undo last reset and undo last load snapshot options.
  • XSteem: More features in disk manager.
  • XSteem: Web links have returned (and they work now).
  • XSteem: Added RtAudio library sound.
  • Debug: Lots of stuff.

The new version is available from the download page. Also make sure you download the disk image database to enable some of the new features.