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SubjectRe: Hope you like importing stuff Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on10/23/04 04:46 PM

> Interesting. I loved Diaoh in the arcade. (I could get to the last boss in a
> single game, bastard killed me though, had to continue once, that was the
> closest I got to finishing the arcade in one game.) I also picked up the PSX
> "Shinryu", and it was close to the same (similar levels, bosses, etc.), but for
> some reason.. it just didn't have the same "gusto", as the arcade one. Something
> just wasn't the same for me, at least. I didn't know about the Saturn one, nor
> the PS2 version, thanks. I'm curious about the "sequel" too - are you saying,
> that they also made *another* game, for PSX?

Shienryu/Gekioh on Playstation was cool (yay for budget titles), but suffered from extreme slowdown that really detracted from it. It was nice that all of the music was stored in an XA file for easy ripping though :)

The sequel really feels bland and still unfinished. IIRC it was going to be a Dreamcast/Naomi game. It's the only other game in the series, AFAIK

> Interesting. Do you remember the re-vamped versions of Streets of Rage, and
> Golden Axe, that Sega did, for a collections disc for the SegaCD?

Never played that disc :( I'll have to look arund and see if I can find it. I'm really bummed at how shitty the PS2 remake is.

> > Star Soldier isn't terrible, it's just seriously retro. and slow.
> For what system? I have a couple of PCE/TG16 S.S. titles, along with the NES
> version.

It's a remake of the NES version

> I feel like digging out my copy of Raiden Project for PSX and playing it. Now
> look what you did! :P

Now you need to track down Raiden DX for playstation. It got rereleased last year as a budget title (like 1500yen or something). After playing RaidenDX, you just can't go back to Raiden I / II :(

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