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SubjectRe: How to operate Jack Reply to this message
Posted byRazoola
Posted on10/26/04 11:12 AM

> It is indeed possible to get 100.000+ already from the first level as Razoola
> says, if you know the secret rules :-)
> Always try to get the P when it's golden (jump to make it change colour), and
> learn the patterns of where the lit bombs appear.
> Stop picking up bombs when the B appears and get the B immediately. If you have
> 5xB you'll get 10.000 points for picking up the P when it's golden!
> On later levels the backgrounds will differ, but the bomb patterns repeat.
> -Sune

You actually need to get the 'P' when its grey to get the 2000 x multiplyer, when its golden you only get 1200 x multiplyer points.

Other pointers for big scores are it takes 10 bombs in order to bring out a 'P' (11 if going from start of level where 1st bomb dosent count).

Do not take bombs after you get the 'P' until after the power time has ran out as they will not count towards next 'P'. This way you can get 2 'P's per level. In some cases 3 'P' are possible in one level as the power bar level continues to next level.


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