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SubjectRe: Why? Is it not working or are they simply being anal about it? Reply to this message
Posted bysmf
Posted on10/28/04 02:18 AM

> I remember some wip shots of Tekken TT running as well. It seemed to be working
> well enough, what's with all the hate?

I don't believe there is a surviving working version with tekken tag tournament in it. The source I had contained some weird hacks in it commented with tekken tag, but they mostly just screwed up other games and were ultimately removed. It might be possible to piece something back together, but if you notice there aren't any in game screen shots anywhere. The game would only boot up into attract mode.

You can get anything to work if you hacked it enough, but I'm no good at that. I prefer to get things working with the least amount of code ( which is most likely to be the correct implementation ). Soul Calibur & Tekken Tag need trojaning, but I need to clear the decks a bit first.


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