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SubjectRe: How to operate Jack Reply to this message
Posted byfinaldave
Posted on10/28/04 10:11 AM

> > It is indeed possible to get 100.000+ already from the first level as Razoola
> > says, if you know the secret rules :-)
> >
> >
> >
> > Always try to get the P when it's golden (jump to make it change colour), and
> > learn the patterns of where the lit bombs appear.
> > Stop picking up bombs when the B appears and get the B immediately. If you
> have
> > 5xB you'll get 10.000 points for picking up the P when it's golden!
> > On later levels the backgrounds will differ, but the bomb patterns repeat.
> >
> > -Sune
> >
> You actually need to get the 'P' when its grey to get the 2000 x multiplyer,
> when its golden you only get 1200 x multiplyer points.
> Other pointers for big scores are it takes 10 bombs in order to bring out a 'P'
> (11 if going from start of level where 1st bomb dosent count).
> Do not take bombs after you get the 'P' until after the power time has ran out
> as they will not count towards next 'P'. This way you can get 2 'P's per level.
> In some cases 3 'P' are possible in one level as the power bar level continues
> to next level.
> Raz

Bollocks, I told him those score secrets, and now he's increased his score even further...chances of catching it now approaching zero I think! ;-)

Should you not collect bombs while the P is on the screen, or while you are 'using' the P, or both?

Emulation is the sincerest form of flattery

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