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Subject**UPDATE - PinMAME, PinMAME32, Visual PinMAME Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on11/02/04 09:35 AM

PinMAME, PinMAME32 and Visual PinMAME 1.50[Home Page]

From the Home page:

PinMAME, PinMAME32 and Visual PinMAME 1.50 released!!!
Why not version 1.33? We feel this release is so big, it's worth a better number!
Much too much to list here, but the highlights include:
- New Stern Pinball Soundboard emulation from Lord of the Rings & onwards..
- Old Stern Pinball Soundboard support for SB-300 and VSU-100 Speech board (using samples)
- Spinball Hardware emulation including Sound & DMD support
- Mr. Game Hardware emulation including Sound & Video Display support
- Fully working X-Force emulation (no sound due to lack of roms)
- Working LEDS support on Championship PUB & Attack from Mars
- Data East Playboy now working
- Stern Golden Cue & Sharkey Shootout now working

See the 'whatsnew.txt' for all the juicy details.