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Subject**UPDATE - EMAME Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on11/04/04 11:54 AM

Emame v1.0[Home Page]

From the home page:

Changelog for Emame for Series 60 (and Motorola A925).

1.0 (31 October 2004)
  • EMame for Series 60 was ported to the Motorola A925.

  • The user interface was changed, so that the list of installed games is now the main view.

  • Screen rotation added (very useful on the Motorola).

  • Enabled samples.

  • Rom file directories were changed.

  • Vector games are always run in "Normal size" mode, since the vector display is scaled to the screen size anyway, and running the scaling algorithm only slows things down.

  • A significant speed-up of the scaling algorithm (used pacman with no frameskip and audio on as benchmark; was 27, now 31.5 fps).

  • New scaling algorithm that makes a nicer scaling. Speed of this algorithm is the same as the old one had in 0.98. There is now an option to select between the two algorithms.

  • Made all the input settings available, so that games that use, for example, analog joysticks run.

  • Made the scroll key in non-scaled mode configurable (through the in-game menu). Also, frame skipping and speed throttling can now be configured from within the game.

  • Auto frame skipping is now enabled by default, with a maximum frame skip of 9.

From the home page:
EMame for the Series 60 and for the A925 is free software and currently runs on:
  • Series 60 phones: Nokia N-Gage, Siemens SX-1, Nokia 6600, and probably most other models. The very first Series 60 models, the Nokia 7650 and Nokia 3650, can only run the miniature version of EMame, called "Micro-EMame", due to very limitied memory.
  • UIQ phones: Motorola A925 (and probably the Motorola A1000 when it is out).