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SubjectNeotoxin Update, New Webpage Reply to this message
Posted byEFX
Posted on11/08/04 10:54 PM

NEOTOXIN HOMEBREW NES GAME! now has a home and a webpage at

Thank you to our generous hosts at

Neotoxin is a little project Snowbro (kent hansen)and Myself
EFX (rob mocca) have been working on, on and off for 5

Check it out, and vote if you think it's worth continuing
work on.

We have tons of screenshots and the games soundtrack in NSF
format for your enjoyment. All other media will be released
at our descretion.

At the moment its more style over substance, not much of any
gameplay elements (story, npcs, quests) have been
implemented yet.

So be patient, check it out, and keep scanning for the
latest news as we hope to bring you the BEST NES homebrew
project to ever be imagined.

We've secretly replaced their air with EFX fart(tm). Let's see if they notice the difference.