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Subjectomg, new RAINE Reply to this message
Posted byTerry Bogard
Posted on11/12/04 11:05 AM


Yeah, with this london meeting approaching, I had to release something. Sorry I didn't spend very much time on emulation lately, so there are no new big thing in this version. But there are quite a few valuable changes nontheless :

* Fixed flames glowing in dkong (quick fix, using the allegro alpha blending
functions - can probably be improved).
* Fixed sprites not showing in late stages of mazinger
* Fixed sprites priorities in cave driver (in fact rewrote the whole
priority code for the cave driver, now using only the priority bitmap).
Now you can finally read the text in the end of dodonpachi and see
some new gfx effects in the intro of dfeveron, and feversos, and there
are probably some more changes... This makes our cave
driver about 30% slower, but don't worry it's still by
far the fastest cave emulation available on earth !!!
* Fixed inputs not working for player 2 in guwange (quite a shame that this
one was never finden earlier !!!).
* Fixed a crash when launching "Bobble Bobble" (not Bubble Bobble).

* frogger samples updates :
- coin sample is now louder
- game over and all home sound now much better thanks to old original
files found by Mike.
- Added a new tune when you loose a life, from one of these old files.

Also there is a very early cps2 support, only for developpers now (I just patched starscream to allow it to decode the cps2 encryption, but that's all you can get of it right now, the sprites are not properly decoded, and the sound is broken, so nothing playable yet).
No dos binary neither : I had a problem with it at half past midnight, so I didn't fight. Is a dos binary really usefull to someone in 2004 anyway ?


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