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Subjectolafnes v1.0n & DSP Emulator beta 4 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on11/12/04 11:07 AM


Seems its been back to finalburn memories with releases of this emu this week, heres whats new:

  • fixed 'load rom' menu disabling when resetting
  • keyboard shortcut alt + backspace assigned to 'randomly select' menu item

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DSP Emulator beta 4

ZX Spectrum emu that does a few arcade games as well, heres whats new:
  • NEW: Icons changed...
  • BUG: Fixes here and there to get more stable DSP.
  • BUG: Fixed stupid bug in 128K screen, now 'La Abadia del Crimen' works and many games that uses additional screen works too (Loading screen in 'Avenger' and 'Death Wish 3').
  • BUG: Kempston joystick bug fixed, now in 'Silent Shadow' works Kempston joystick.
  • BUG: Fixed bit 6 dependency of $FE port, when speaker sounds or ear sets '1' . This gets better keyboard read, and now 'Ole Toro' acceps a key when pressed.
  • BUG: Bug fixed in sound chip, now music in 'Deatwish 3' don't stop.
  • BUG: Rewrite from scratch tape system:
  • If you load a tape (TAP or TZX) and press 'LOAD ""' it sets 'play' and maximum speed by default.
  • Fixed the way 'Loop's' where show.
  • Now if there are more tha 255 elements, you can chage tape possition (Dinamic and BleepLoad loaders)
  • Rewrited (again) TZX conversion system and TZX next bloq, many loaders now load and don't fail ramdom
  • Now if you change from TAP to TZX and it's loading, tape possition changes OK.

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