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SubjectDSP 0.3WIP▀5 & NeoPSX v0.3.0 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on11/15/04 11:38 AM


ZX Spectrum emu that moonlights with a few arcade games, heres whats new:

    Ľ General:
  • NEW: New ZIP system. No need any more 'UNZDLL.DLL' library. I now use ComponnentAce 'ZIP Forge', more flexible, easy to use and library free.
    Ľ Spectrum:
  • BUG: Fixed a bug in tape loops, now continue with next block when loop ends.
  • NEW: Added a new tape format: CSW (aka 'Compressed Square Wave'), version 1.XX and 2.XX. Now you can load tapes that cannot be converted to tzx

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PSX emu, heres whats new:
    zenogais: [*] Initial Emulation Framework Created.
    [*] NeoPSX GUI Created.
    [*] Memory Emulation Code Created.
    [*] R3000 Processor Interpretation Core Created.
    [*] COP0 Core Created.
    -- DATE: 11/13/2004 --
    zenogais: [*] Emulation Framework Types Converted To Templated Code.
    [*] Memory Mirroring Converted To Templated Code.
    [*] Processor Debugger Window Created.
    -- DATE: 11/14/2004 --
    zenogais: [*] R3000 Processor Debug Tab Created.
    [*] COP0 Processor Debug Tab Created.

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