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SubjectRe: **UPDATE - Magic Engine Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on11/20/04 01:14 PM

> Umm, I've been using Magic Engine since the DOS days myself, registered and all.

Wow...me too well before the Win/Mac ports saw any reality.

> I have been using v99b5 up until today, and NEVER had the CD-rom problems you
> speak of. Perhaps the only reason the DOS version is working for you is because
> your old DOS machine cannot handle the load of the Win32 version? Also, my pads
> are USB as well, and I have no problems there either. I think you should check
> your system before accusing the emulator to be "broken".
My system is fine, as was the last before it using this program. I've had various OS's (98, 98se and XP), tried many different CDROM drives and now even my DVD drive. The CD for me has always either skipped, had no audio, or for a long period just would give a read error not wanting to even see a CD in the drive. So in that respect it is improving. And this is NOT an old DOS machine, I could run DOSBOX I suppose, but it's XP Pro on here now. As for USB pads, tried it with the gravis gamepad pro, n64 w/adaptoid hookup, gravis eliminator, ms sidewinder. Always has been touchy.

Guess I should have listed all the stuff that's failed and why so people like you didn't feel like they need to come off the mountain to bitch like an uninformed newb eh?

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