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SubjectRe: **UPDATE - Magic Engine Reply to this message
Posted byVmprHntrD
Posted on11/20/04 06:02 PM

> Have you tried looking to see if DMA is still enabled on your CD/DVD drive?
> Certain versions of ME required you to have an Adaptec ASPI layer (v4.60)
> installed to use your CD-Rom drive, did you look into that? If you have more
> than one CD drive you would have to select the one you will be using with the
> emulator in the PCE.INI, if that was the case, did you do this when you
> previously had tested "many drives"? When all else failed, did you try dumping
> your game to bin/cue format, mounting it with a tool such as Daemon Tools or
> Alcohol, and running the game directly from a virtual CD drive? As for the USB
> pad, I too have a USB Sidewinder, and it works fine, so I'm not sure what the
> problem is there. If there actually is a problem, remember it is a preview
> release afterall. That problem certainly did NOT exist in v99b5, as I play the
> games with this version and my sidewinder all the time. You can always use
> JoyToKey to fix that problem anyway.
> *the uninformed newb scales back up the mountain*

I have tried everything but doing bin/cue, and don't feel that I should have to to have it do what I paid for... same with joy2key. They're options, I just don't want to use those 2. I don't have the sidewinder or exterminator anymore, was speaking of older versions. The other two I do have, I can select what buttons do what and all, even the gravis has it's own artwork in the gui...just doesn't register in game.

I've already erased it...I'll try again on the real ver but I kinda gave up on it years ago, even sold off most the remaining CDs I had and dumped a few of the cdrs too (DracX, Macross, etc.) I just holdout hoping one day it will work right for once and I can play Ys Book 1+2 and Gate of Thunder 4in1 CDs again.

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