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Subject**UPDATE - Raine (CPS-2!) Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on11/21/04 02:52 AM

Raine v0.42 (CPS-2 added)[Home Page]

From the home page:

After all this time, I finally took the time to add cps2
emulation to raine. I didn't want to release this version
that fast, but since I had left a few bugs in 0.41.3 for
air gallet...

So you get 28 fully playable cps2 games in this version
(all the original games, but no clones). Credits for cps2
are going first to cps2 shock for their incredible xor
tables, and secondly to mame for releasing their source for
that. I only had to patch starscream to make it to handle
cps2 encryption and fix a few little details to make raine
to emulate cps2 !

Since I was short on time, I didn't try to emulate the
video priorities yet, but the surprise is that lots of
games are running very well without this emulation !!! Try
them by yourself, and you'll see...

Notice that most cps2 games are big. mvsc for example
requires 110 Mb to run, it's not a problem with modern
computers, but it's still very big for a raine game !

Except that I fixed the last bugs in air gallet, fixed a
buffer overflow in the history.dat handling, and added
cheats for all the new cps2 games. Also I improved the
sprites decoding in cps1 & cps2 to save some memory, so
lots of games require much less memory now.