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Subjectmaking progess Reply to this message
Posted byrimmerchant
Posted on12/21/04 09:12 PM

I found the handheld game I was looking
its's call
MONSTER PANIC from a company called Epoch


there's two version I think I had the green one.

can't seem to find anything about the game watch.
I think the game was call "mouser" but I could be wrong and that could be from the TMNT cartoons I watched long time ago

> Out for revenge, want go get those toys that I couldn't afford when I was a kid
> because my family was so poor :P
> I remember wanting this two games so bad as a kid. after borrowing it from a
> school friend in elememntary school.
> The first one is oen of those LCD wrist watch that have games on them. it's
> been so long I forgot who made it, but I don't think it was nintendo.
> Anyway the game is about a mouse that tries to get to the cheese. the gameplay
> is devided into two parts. the first is on the lower bottom of the screen where
> u have to jump to dodge cats claw and make it to the right. then u would be in
> the top half of the screen where u have to avoid the spiders and make it to the
> right to get to the cheese (You can make the spidre fall down by moving L&R on
> the platform and make it disappear)
> The second game I'm looking for is a regular handheld LCD game. I don't think it
> was made by nintendo either. It takes place in a haunted house. and you have
> to make it from the top of the screen to the bottom and avoid the monsters along
> the way. I remember there was a part where u have to get a sword and fight off
> a monster. been so long I forgot about it.
> I doubt anyone will know the exact name of those games or know exactally what I
> was talking about.
> so
> can anyone help me with links to a good source of info on those game watch
> watches and game and rare game and watch handhelds?

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