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SubjectTaking advantage of the Nintendo DS's WIFI? Reply to this message
Posted byCyberAkuma
Posted on12/24/04 06:52 AM

From what I neard, the DS has 4 megs of memory where you can download demos from nintendo onto it through Wifi.

Would it be possible for somebody to emulate the server the DS is supposed to connect to on his PC using WIFI and upload his own code into the DS?

Obviously you cant hack it since the DS dosent allow you to overwrite any of its programming, but you would be able to upload your own sample programs that way woudlent you?

Let me try to explain this easier for those that dont get it, since many seemed confused on other places where I posted this.

1. The DS can connect through WIFI (not the wireless link, I mean wireless internet) through your computer or router or whatever and eventually connects to Nintendo.

2. From there the DS can download demos and anything else Nintendo put online for the DS straight into itself for you to play demos or minigames (its similar to the Gamecube link of the GBA, except instead of the gamecube sending the GBA a mini program, Nintendo's internet site is sending the DS a mini program or game demo)

3. What im saying is that if you can make your computer minic the location of Nintendo's website (you would need to disconnect your computer from the internet to do that) when the DS tries to connect to Nintendo's website it would actually be connecting to your computer.

4. From then on you could possibly upload your OWN code/demo/emulator/whatever DS code onto the DS and run it on the DS.

Is this possible? What do you think?

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