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SubjectDSemu is still the best emulator ever (redux). Reply to this message
Posted byMooglyGuy
Posted on12/30/04 04:00 PM

For those of you who want to see my original post on it, scroll down the post list a bit.

But now - now, the guy said on the 17th that he's "burned out" and taking a break. Yeah, I can see how burned out it's possible to get, what with all of the "not changing anything" and "releasing new versions with nothing changed" bit he had going there. Whew, that's real hard work.

I also love how in the same post, he says - and I quote - "I'm not sure people realise the similarities; the DS has two of the GBAs GPU cores, and a near-identical CPU. It seems wise to start on a GBA base."

Now, far be it from me to criticize someone for being an arrogant fuckhead, but doesn't that strike you as just being a little condescending? The thing is, everyone and his mother knows the similarities between the GBA and the DS. This guy just doesn't know all of the huge fucking differences. Yeah, the DS uses two ARM processors (an ARM7, the GBA's processor, and an ARM9, which is just slightly different), and it has two GBA graphic chipsets for the 2D graphics. However, saying that the DS uses a GBA graphic chipset or two for 2D means that emulating the GBA is some sort of a huge leap to emulating the DS is tantamout to saying that emulating Sega's System 24 board is a huge leap to emulating Sega's Model 2 board. As I said, perhaps this asshole doesn't realize the differences. Hmm, let's see. The cartridges are encrypted. You have 3D hardware to figure out (which should be rather hard, given the fact that there's little to no available documentation outside of a register list), encrypted cartridges, and additional audio hardware all add up to mean that just emulating the GBA and the ARM9 doesn't mean a goddamn thing for emulating the DS.

Hell, for that matter, if it seems wise to start using a GBA code base, then why not use a pre-existing open source GBA emulator that works a whole hell of a lot better than something that he created, which appears to have been excreted from a cow's asshole?

God. Some peoples' children.

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